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Video Poker is classical card game widely played in land and online casinos. The game of Video Poker is played between a player and the Dealer (machine) and uses a standard 52-card deck that is shuffled after each round. 
The main purpose of the game is to assemble cards matching one of the winning combinations, and the higher the combination, the higher the corresponding payout. Video poker software is popular among online gamblers as it allows players to strenghthen their poker skills while placing even very small bets.
Once the player places his bet he is dealt five cards. The player then analyzes them and decides which of five cards to hold so to form a winning combination, and which cards to discard. 
The cards that he decides to discard are replaced with new ones from the deck. The hand then is compared with the paytable and the player is paid in accordance with the combination he got (if there is one). 
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Our turnkey Video Poker games will bring diversity to your online casino due to variety of themes and game rules that can be added. The video poker software can be integrated with your online casino within shortest timeline, or can run as a standalone application.

  • Driven by random number generator
  • Multiple themes
  • Adjustable winning combinations and paytable
  • Unique graphics and animations
  • Unique sounds
  • Leaderboard
  • In-game purchases
  • Social features
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