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Slots Machines are one of the most popular casino game categories and represent a powerfull user engagement tool. The reason why Slot Machines are so popular is that unlike traditional casino games such as Texas Hold'em or Blackjack, Slots don't require any gambling skills and special knowledges, and anyone can get in the game even with a very small bet.

A separate category is to identify the following types of slots, which differ depending on the type of payments and the availability of additional benefits available to the player. Namely:
  • Multiline slots - they have several paylines. Among them there are 3 and 5 tibetan variants, respectively, if the winning combination falls on one of the lines, the user receives a certain amount in accordance with the payout table used. One of these options is the crazy monkey slot, which has long been one of the most popular slot machines.
  • Progressive slots - ideal for those who prefer to play long-term game. What is the difference between such systems? The fact that such mechanisms imply a cumulative jackpot, the amount of which increases with each new game - respectively, sooner or later you can break the bank, which will more than pay for all previous failures. You can watch the jackpot increase in a separate window. There are a lot of options. This Russian slots, and fruit - just remember the name of the machine you like, to find it in the selected online casino.
  • Slots Bonuses are slot machines that give users the opportunity to go into bonus rounds and get various rewards. This may be an additional free game, and special rounds, moreover, in many similar systems, there is also a progressive jackpot. That is why it becomes clear why, despite the fact that the types of games are quite diverse, bonus machines are the most loved by gamblers - they will delight in a “lively” eventful game.
Our Slot Machines turnkey solution allows to choose from a wide selection of virtual slot machines. You can have unlimitted number of Slots themes with custom designs, original music and Flash effects added in less than an hour with our ready Slots solution. 

We propose a fully customizable online Slot machine software that can be integrated with your online casino or run as a standalone version for web and mobile devices. The Slots turnkey solution can be deployed within short timeline saving your time and development costs.

How Does Slot Machine Software Work

The impossibility of fraud and tracking of results in online casinos not only by players, but also by employees, is explained by the general principle underlying each virtual gaming machine. This is a random number generator, or RNG.

The main goal of any RNG is the generation of a random numeric sequence. Numbers match characters which are displayed on the screen of the gaming machine. In fact, such a generator is an ordinary program that runs on a server and is distinguished by a rather high speed of issuing numbers.

Random numbers are displayed for a few seconds. Subsequently, they are grouped into several categories, and matching with the symbols on the machine. Thus, the result of any game in a web-based casino is a number formed by a generator.

The RNG algorithm is defined by the slot machine software developers with computer slot machine games software . It is also called the pseudo-random number generator, since all combinations are random, but have a certain cyclical nature, originally incorporated into the program. This is not a win-lose cycle, but a random number (symbol) drops out several times in the same place.

The numbers fall independently of each other, so the previous and subsequent results are not related to each other. Thus, it is impossible to predict the result issued by the RNG, as it is impossible to juggle it.

Equipment for online casinos

Any online casino has a stable operating system with as well as specialized casino slot or poker software managed by high-powered servers. A web-based game of any type is designed to ensure that data is transmitted in real time between the user's computer and the casino.

The changes taking place on the field for the game, also displayed on the screen. The effective implementation of this task is provided by a powerful server and high-speed Internet, the extensive bandwidth of which allows you to serve all players.

To meet the requirements of all visitors, it is necessary to use innovative technologies and constant updating of casino servers. Therefore, a significant part of the income of virtual gaming establishments is spent on supporting servers at a sufficient level.

Such servers are distinguished by terabytes of available RAM and high processor speeds. All available information is stored on solid-state drives (SSD). Compared to traditional devices, intended for data storage, the information here is read and written several times faster.

Local ports on these servers have increased bandwidth, which allows them to connect to high-speed Internet connections. This provides the necessary network power. Due to the heavy load online casino servers are equipped with specialized cooling systems.

Online casino software

Both custom slot machine software and video slot machine software used by online casinos has several characteristic features. The main difference is the most complex structure of the program itself and its multicomponent scheme. Developed integrated applications allow to process payments, store the history of games of a particular user, etc.

The combination of these applications forms the site online casino. Therefore, the player's computer must meet the minimum system requirements. Web Hosting must be distinguished by increased adaptive capacity, and satisfy all existing resource needs.

Therefore, some companies are developing their own operating systems that host their gaming platforms. This ensures maximum information security, confidentiality,  and ensures optimal operation of online casino .

  • 3- or 5- reel Slot Machine mechanisms
  • Unlimited themes
  • Unlimited lines
  • Special symbols (Wild, Bonus, Scatter)
  • Auto spin
  • Free spins
  • Bonus game
  • Unique sounds
  • Custom design and  animations
  • Leaderboard
  • Leveling system
  • In-game purchases
  • A full featured admin panel
  • Full screen mode
​On demand any custom features for more engaging gameplay can be developed, such as Progressive Jackpot, Lotteries, Stash, Scratch Cards and other Slots related features.


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